Throwing the Perfect Sioux Falls Wedding

We all know how stressful it can be putting together a wedding — especially if it's your wedding. While some of us don't have the luxury of hiring a wedding planner, there is nothing wrong with that. Using this three point checklist you can cover all your bases ahead of time and go into your Sioux Falls wedding with the peace and clarity your special day deserves.

Scheduling Your Wedding and Making a Guest List

For starters, be sure you plan your wedding when the weather's going to be nice. While a completely outdoor wedding might not be appealing for everyone, you at least want the option to take outdoor pictures or to have a little alone time between the bride and groom away from the rest of the party. And to be honest, a totally outdoor wedding is impossible for a good portion of the year in Sioux Falls. Most importantly, you want the bride, the groom and the rest of the party to arrive in style. You don't want them to be sopping wet from the rain or freezing cold from the fall/winter weather.

Next up, you need a coherent guest list. Take the additional time to consider which guests are required, which guest would be nice to invite, and which guests you definitely don't want. A common method for choosing guests is to make a hierarchy with family on the top, close and best friends right under and casual acquaintances like work friends at the bottom. Rightfully, this decision needs to be a shared endeavor between the bride and groom.

Another thing to consider when making a guest list is children. Of course, nobody wants a wedding overrun by children, but you must be conscientious of guests who may not be able to leave their kids at home. When it comes to children attendees it's best to go for an all-or-nothing approach. The last thing you want at your wedding is for somebody to feel excluded on behalf of their children. Once you have a rough idea of a schedule and a guest list, it’s time to choose the venue.

Choosing a Venue

Selecting a venue is one of the few decisions you need to make unselfishly. Try to find a location that's a relativity equal distance to all your guests (or at least the ones on the top of your hierarchy). If you happen to be planning a destination wedding, don't miss out on this informational. No matter your preferred wedding destination, don't over-compromise. You still want the venue to meet some of your bare requirements. For instance, dancing might be key to your reception, so be sure you booked a venue that's big enough. But don't count on square footage or the venue's own description of their space — if ample space is a necessity, there's nothing better than visiting the venue beforehand and visualizing your wedding taking place there.

Finding Transportation

While transportation isn't your number one priority, it can make the wedding run much more smoothly. By booking a party bus or similar service, you can take some stress of the bridesmaid and best men by bringing them along with you. Sioux Falls has great party bus options, Sioux Falls Party Bus being one the most well known.

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