Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I reserve my party bus?
Reserve your vehicle as soon as you know you want one! This will increase your chances that we have the party bus available that best suits your needs and price range. Vehicles are first come, first serve, and our schedule starts to fill up several weeks in advance. While you may reserve a bus as late as the date of service, we cannot guarantee that we will have one to send you.

Do the party buses come stocked with alcohol?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide alcohol for you. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own. We want you to have a great time partying the night away! We cannot allow anyone under the legal drinking age to be in possession of alcohol, as we are not above the law. If anyone under 21 years old is caught breaking this law, they will be removed from the vehicle.

Can we travel outside of Sioux Falls?
Absolutely! Sioux Falls has a lot to do, but you may want a change of scenery. Head anywhere in a Sioux Falls Party Bus! Please remember that you may be subject to an additional fuel surcharge if you travel too far outside our service area. Here's some information on Chicago IL Transportation.

Is smoking allowed on the vehicles?
No. We try to keep our vehicles in prime condition for everyone's enjoyment. We find that eliminating smoking allows us to do so. We can avoid messy ashes, smokey smell, and burn holes by mandating that all smoking takes place outside of the vehicle.

What happens if we aren't back by our designated drop off time?
Don't worry, we won't drop you off at the side of the road! You may continue on with your run after your drop off time, but you will be responsible for paying the difference. That balance will be due in cash to the driver at your final drop off location. We can't allow you to go past your designated time if it conflicts with another reservation, so please let the driver know if you think you are going to go into overtime.

Is a deposit required to hold a vehicle?
Yes. We cannot hold a vehicle for you if you don't put down a deposit. The deposit must be on a credit or debit card, is due at the time of reservation, and goes towards the grand total.

Can I cancel?
No, you may not. Once you have paid the deposit to make your reservation, you cannot cancel for any reason. You are informed about this before they run your card to make sure you are okay with that. The full amount will have to be paid even if you didn't use the service. Just because you rented it for, let's say, a birthday party but the birthday person got a last minute trip out of the country, doesn't mean that you can't do anything. Get all the guests together still and go out to the bar or something. Depending on availability, you might be able to upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or move your time earlier/later. The only other thing you cannot do is switch the day of the reservation.

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